blink of an eye
i played all night drove all day
the speed of sound to get to this bar and
the light’s burned out on the marquee with my name
but there ain’t a stranger in this place
the dim lights and the honky tonk faces
are friends of the neon music i was born to play

rivers runs deep
rivers runs dry
and time goes by
in the blink of an eye

on whisky nights and lonesome days
in cheap motels on billboard highways
dreams that rhyme find their way to me
some of them the midnight djs play
they lay them on the radio airwaves
late at night they’re on the road like me


we ride the rails on one way tracks
from mama’s arms to that long black cadillac
a train of mem'ries with no ticket back
the moon is gold i find a pen
write a song about holding you close again
a beer chasin an old friend named jack


robert john jones   nectarthugs music (bmi)