1. eddie tickner’s boots
i’m not a bootist. eddie’s wife, dolores, brought these over to me after eddie died.
they were custom made boots that eddie never wore except a few times when they
were first given to him. he wasn't a boots kinda guy. the stewart boot company of
tucson, arizona, probably gave them to him because of his connection to
emmylou harris. in his honor, i tied them together with a bit of rope and slung them
over a palm tree out back so that they would get real gnarly. now they are just
hanging out, one on each side of buddha.
love you eddie.

2. birds fly south*
written at the eden house hotel in key west, florida,
and dedicated to owner mike eden,
a brother from another mother.

3. blink of an eye
u.s. highway 99, bakersfield, california.

4. last truckstop motel*
a light out in the distance.

5. lu ray**
ten thousand bottles of red bourdeaux; written in a big old french farmhouse near
burgundy with the nelson brothers;
eddie tickner lurking about and helping us with each bottle.
thank you lu hawkins and linda ray.

6. stoned again
on the sharp edge of a razor heading for an oblivion
called tomorrow, the charge of the night brigade.

7. soul of appalachia
thank you ralph stanley (freight and salvage, berkeley, california, 2010). thank you
bill monroe (whom i worked with on some vern gosdin shows). my heartfelt thanks to
molly tuttle and her father jack who helped make this recording so soulful.
“from the hollows and the shows on farm radio, echoes came out of the mountains.”

8. fast train to the blues
from the fold-out couch on first avenue, tucson.

9. when did you become a bird (sarah’s song)
written for my daughter, sarah, in 2010, in a hotel room in
santiago de compostela, spain.
while recording it in nashville, i was in the same room with jeff and tammy while
tammy sat with her viola and played a wonderful piece of magic.
love you sid.

10. all this love
we are all love. written for my wife julie,
who lights up even the sun.
love you jules.

recorded in nashville, tennessee, in 2011, at jeff king’s studio and at emi recording studio,
except for, “soul of appalachia,” which was recorded at the tuttle’s studio in palo alto.
mastered by don cobb, independent mastering, nashville. thanks, don.

ps to bob dare. this album is the film of these songs.


hello, wherever you are to michael karas, jim and louise,
bob and penny, bert jansch, max langdown, julie taylor, 
margaret and henry gonzales, jim shaw, buck owens, 
buzz and sandy thomas, bill woods, tommy collins, 
susan raye, doc walters, rosalyn z., laura b., 
dale jamieson, raquelle stiefler, mr. davidson, mrs. luna, 
victoria, valya and sergei boutenko, roger bowling, frank dycus, 
tammy wynette, kent robbins, jonathan stone, cliffie stone, mike kosser, 
dr. al jason, brien fisher, royce, melba and jeannie kendall, joe sun, 
sheila andrews, tom mcentee, skip stevens, max d. and patsy barnes, gary wirt, 
troy olsen (who changed my life), fred koller, shel silverstein, beverly kelley, 
tom shapiro, matilda, gary burr, chris horsnell, sandy lackhouse, sylvia tyson, 
joan and alden, jeannie, marie, andy curry, chick rains, roger mcguinn, 
harry harmon, tom smiley, jodi and steve, tom dare, paul and christine banes, 
pete waterman, steve and sarah nelson, simon and mary nelson,
john and emmanuel, dez, paul, bertrand and nadine, jean and hugette,
alain, ulla and jonathan soucasse, bernard giraux and eveline, judith jones,
emily palmer, therese and mike melton, marylena and pat melton, rusty gaston,
trisha mcclanahan, patti keating, rainer, howe gelb, celia and jim blackwood, dolores, cinnamon,
inge and olle severin, camilla, jonas and hakan, margareta, don and joy williams, 
allison moorer earle and steve and little john henry, john and lorrie,
lorelei quintana, judy dare, jackie jaap, jeannie howell, barbara kaplan,
peter misson, mike and colleen, elizabeth ross, mark and annie, molly and jack,
jeff and tammy, russell terrell, chris latham, don cobb, richard belcher, greg lavann,
david and denise o'connor, kathie klass, julie and helen, kelly, bill dahnke, christopher, travis,
leonard and belinda.

all songs written by robert john jones nectarthugs music bmi except
*written by robert john jones and steve nelson nectarthugs music bmi
**written by robert john jones, steve nelson and simon nelson
nectarthugs music, blue lake music and songs of windswept pacific bmi