lu ray  
just beyond the highway signs
and the west texas neon lights
out where the stars all shine
not too far from view
there’s a twisted weathervane
and a mailbox with a name
that matches my tattoo

lu ray, baby come to the window
lu ray, lord these eighteen wheels just flew
lu ray, life ain’t always simple but
lu ray, all my roads lead back to you

chrome and steel on a sun-baked road
engine slowly turning cold
no matter how far i go
i always come back home
your amarillo eyes are soft
tonight they look a little lost
and a little bit alone  


brass bed on a hardwood floor
my old coat hangin on your door
when i pray i don’t ask for more
i thank god for you
everytime you’re in my arms
and i hear your beating heart
love feels so brand new


robert john jones/steve nelson/simon nelson
nectarthugs music/blue lake music/songs of windswept pacific (bmi)