stoned again
a rooster doesn’t crow on hard scratch avenue
trains and traffic break the dawn i wake up to
a kettle boils a siren screams
and time doesn’t fly it crawls
after the work circus you can find me
down at the local watering hole
some red wine and then

i’m stoned again
stoned again
more than now and then
i’m stoned again

i try not to take bad breaks too personally
i quit wastin time chasing ghosts and dreams
i keep some letters in a coffee can
but i don’t give mem’ries much room
nailed to the wall is a photograph
of someone from the neighborhood
sittin with my friends

I’m stoned again
stoned again
you break if you don’t bend
so i’m stoned again

we didn’t say goodbye we just said see you around
you don’t wind up close both tryin to stand your ground
colder than an empty bed
harder than a concrete floor
the tombstone that says love is dead
your hand on a closing door
that’s how the story ends

stoned again
stoned again
i can’t remember when
i wasn’t stoned again
stoned again
i can’t remember when

robert john jones  nectarthugs music (bmi)